Squeeky Clean

This review is on the "Scrub your nose in it" Soap and Glory scrub. It claims that “it helps to exfoliate, clean and purify the skin, lift away pore-clogging dead skin cells, soak up excess oils, and stimulate fresh oxygen to your face”. Well, it’s bang on. Soap and Glory products never ever disappoint me. Three years ago for Christmas I got a massive soap and glory box - and loved every single product! I now rely on Soap and glory for shower creams, body butter, hand cream,foot cream, body scrubs and make-up.

However, I have always been careful with the products i apply to my face as I have had acne since i was around 13. I tried tablets and creams prescribed by the doctor but nothing worked well enough. I’ve also tried pretty much all the products on the shelves in boots, and nothing has impressed me as much as this product! 

Firstly, I wash my face with water alone. Then, I steam it for 10 minutes and pat my face dry. Afterwards, I slightly wet my face and apply a 5p sized squeeze of scrub your nose in it- onto my face - everywhere (not just my t-zone). I spend about a minute applying it and exfoliating in circular motions, and then I leave it on for 2-5 minutes. I then use warm water to remove the scrub and pat my face dry. I do this three times a week. Whilst using this product I’ve gone from 2-3 (new) spots a day to 2-3 spots a week (if that!) Its absolutely fantastic! This product gets a 5/5 from me.

I’VE OFFICIALLY LOST A STONE! I have been waiting so long for this :D I can’t believe I’ve lost a stone and I can just say “a stone” when people ask ” how much weight have you lost”. Now, my next big target is 21lbs 😇🌼🌸 #weightlossjourney #weightloss #slimming #happy #proud #stone #eek #excited #fitlife #byebyefat #cleanlife #cleaneating #target #lifestyle #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthisimportant #nourish #eattonourish #results #progress

I’VE OFFICIALLY LOST A STONE! I have been waiting so long for this :D I can’t believe I’ve lost a stone and I can just say “a stone” when people ask ” how much weight have you lost”. Now, my next big target is 21lbs 😇🌼🌸 #weightlossjourney #weightloss #slimming #happy #proud #stone #eek #excited #fitlife #byebyefat #cleanlife #cleaneating #target #lifestyle #healthy #healthylife #healthyliving #healthisimportant #nourish #eattonourish #results #progress


This is something i just don’t get.

I’ve seen everywhere that to find peace, you must forgive people. I am much more at peace knowing that someone who has betrayed me/hurt me/upset me can not do so again, therefore i will not forgive them. My thinking is that if you hurt me, that’s it. I probably won’t trust you again and you deserve no place in my life. Surely, to forgive someone, is only giving them the chance to hurt you again, and it’s only you who is vulnerable? 


I’ve heard it all.

Juice detox. Water detox. Soup detox. Starvation detox. blah.

Let’s face facts, you’ll lose a few pounds but its not long term. And the weight you lose will either a) be water weight - not fat loss or b) will probably be regained (and more) when you eat normally again. 

I prefer to just detox in the most simple of ways. Simply remove processed, sugary, unclean sources from your diet and eat as naturally as possible! That means fresh fruit, vegetables and protein (eggs,meat,etc). Minimise your intake of white carbs - even brown carbs! Drink water only, and black coffee if needed. This can be stuck to in the long term!

TIP OF THE DAY : Coffee is also a natural mild laxative. 


How scary is it that nothing in life is guaranteed, or promised? All we have is hope. You hope the illness will go away. You hope you’ll pass your exams. You hope your partner will never leave. You hope you’re successful. You hope you’ll live to see your children grow up. You hope that somehow things will get better. 

Hope. It’s all we have.

The right to a hair trial #2

I’ve already reviewed some shampoo and conditioner i use. This review will be on 4 styling products that i use. I have long, brunette (dyed) hair that is damaged, frizz-prone and fairly dry, so i love these products!

1. Hask Argan Oil

I absolutely love this. I remember the first time i tried it was a year or so ago and was bought from my hairdresser for about £15. It was a bottle about the size of a tennis ball and lasted me and my mum the entire year. The one i have now is from primark and only cost me around £2 but is considerably smaller - just 18ml. However, it lasts me 2 months and is the same quality as the one from my hairdresser. I apply a 5p sized dollop onto my hands and run it through the middle and ends of my hair to tame frizz and leave it looking shiny. I always use this after i wash my hair - whether i’m leaving it natural or using heat to style it. This product is fantastic, i’m thinking about trying more products from the Hask brand.  This product gets 5/5 from me!image

2. Umberto Giannini - Flirting Curls Scrunching Jelly- Boots £5.00

Another great product! My friends used to ask me what i used to add a bit of extra curl to my natural curls which of course are not so curly with damage. A lot of my friends now have this product. Its so easy to use and the results are fab. After washing my hair, i firstly comb it so that there are no tangles! and scrunch my hair a bit without product. Then i leave the hair for 15 minutes so that it isn’t soaking wet.I then work a 10p sized dollop through the mid-lengths and ends of my hair and leave the product on my fingers whilst i scrunch my hair. DO NOT USE A TOWEL TO SCRUNCH! The harsh material of the towel can cause frizz and split ends. Instead, flip your head over and use your hands to scrunch until satisfied. Flipping the head over and scrunching your hair this way helps to add volume! Do not keep touching your hair whilst it is drying afterwards - you’ll ruin the curls! If scrunching doesn’t work for you, you could create small buns and fix them in place with hair grips and take them out when hair is completely or almost dry. Alternatively you could use the “plopping method”. You could also use a diffuser but this just adds to heat damage and frizz for me- but might work for others! I give this product 4/5 as sometimes it just doesn’t provide enough curl definition for me.


3. Trevor Sorbie - Styling Smoothing Serum - Boots - £5.70

This also contains Argan oil,so is great in terms of keeping hair smooth and shiny. I use this if i’m using heat to style my hair - but only if my hair feels in good condition as i prefer the next product for protecting my hair when styling with heat. It also has a perfume-like smell which i’m not a huge fan of. It does make my hair look healthy and shiny, however, on my hair it can be quite heavy and leave it feeling oily. Id give it a 3/5.


4. John Freida - Full Repair Heat Activated Styling Spray - Boots - £5.99

This is my ultimate absolute favourite product! I use this instead of the above product when i’m going to be using a lot of heat i.e. blow-dry then curl or if i’ll be curling all of my hair. It is fantastic. It smells gorgeous and you only need a few sprays to protect your hair. It is also a very light product and leaves my hair feeling fresh for up to 2 entire days. I usually find with styling products that they can be quite heavy and require you to wash your hair as they leave it feeling heavy, flat and oily/greasy - but not this superstar product! This product really is a must-have! It tames frizz and leaves hair looking so healthy, with a bit of bounce and added shine! After using this product my hair feels nourished- not dry- and i can barely feel or see my split ends. It is also safe for colour treated hair and chemically treated hair - so if you don’t have this product.. why not? Id give this product 5/5!

The right to a hair trial.

I’ve got long,brunette (dyed), thick,wavy,frizzy hair. I’ve also been growing it for the past few years, so naturally it’s damaged and I have been advised by my hairdresser to trail some good up-market products. I also style (curl) my hair 2-3 times a week so it is exposed to heat quite often. I try to keep my hair natural as much as i can and i hardly ever blow dry it.

The first products I’m reviewing are the John Freida Full Repair Strengthen & Restore shampoo and conditioner. These were £5.99 each from boots. These are fantastic! However i can only use them 2 times per week. The products are fab - my hair is shinier than ever, silky soft and has a lovely bounce to it. However, i find that when used daily it really weighs the hair down. So, i use it twice a week to give my hair a boost and on other days use other products (e.g, herbal essences). The smell of the products is great- however it smells quite rich and perfume-like which I’m not a massive fan of as i prefer more fruity fragrances. 

Another product recently purchased is the Loreal Colour Care EverPure Reinforcing Intense Mask also from Boots for around £7. This is another product only to be used once or twice a week - usually i use it when i know ill be styling my hair with heat. It smells deliciously minty and is so thick that even the thickest,longest hair needs no more than a 50p sized dollop. I leave it in for 5 minutes and rinse out thoroughly but with cool water- not hot. Cooler water can help to prevent frizz. The product leaves hair feeling so refreshed and soft, i absolutely love it. I’ll definitely be buying this again as soon as i run out! I had used the herbal essences masks before, but this one is ten times better! It also contains no sulphates as these can be harsh on the scalp and hair, so is definitely a good choice if you’re looking to keep your hair healthy and damage-free!

Happy Hair Day!

Plenty of Progress

A lot of people when losing weight, concentrate completely on what the scales say. Whilst the scales do tell you when you’ve lost weight there are also other ways to measure weight loss and your progress.

Progress doesn’t have to be on the scales. It can be through the number of inches lost. Measure your waist,hips,chest,legs,arms etc. and measure them every 2 weeks or so, making a note of them. A lot of people see weight loss through measurements before it shows on the scale.

Something I’m incredibly proud of in myself is the progress I’ve made in my diet and the knowledge I’ve built on health. I’ve also progressed in terms of my mind-set and attitude towards food. Before Christmas i would eat whatever i wanted. Toast for breakfast, snacking on biscuits, cheese on toast for lunch or a sandwich and crisps. Then, for tea- pie and chips or big meals. Chocolate was my weakness. Now my diet consists of mostly meat,fruit and veg. I’m amazed at how I’ve adapted and how good I’ve got at controlling cravings and sticking to my diet. The good thing is, that it’s become such a habit that i can’t ever see myself eating what i used to - ever again!

Another way to measure your progress could be by putting on clothes that were too small and seeing if they now fit. I’ve done this and even when the scales said I’d lost nothing, i found I could actually pull my favourite trousers over my bum and hips again! It can also work by putting on clothes you bought a few months ago. I have a top I bought in February that is now so big I cant wear it because it looks stupid! 

Here are my favourite leopard print trousers that i could barely pull over my hips and bum in January! They started fitting about 2-3 months ago.

Here is a top i bought. The pictures are a month apart. 

It can make you feel so gutted and ready to give up when you don’t see results! DO NOT GIVE UP. You will eventually see results if you are eating right! I have gone a month with no results but I carried on going and the weight dropped off! 

Consistency is key.